Saturday, April 30, 2011

Leechoso Custom

Meet Doze, my latest custom for my friend baykiddead aka BKD. Doze is a Leechoso. Leechoso are cyclops creatures, usually with two mouths located at the end of their tentacles. Some have wings, some have tails, others have both. Doze is not your typical leechoso…

… Doze aka The Sandman is lethal. One only needs to observe the patterning on his skin to know this. He worked as a freelance ‘cleaner’. His favorite movie is Kill Bill Vol. 1. Whispering ‘wiggle your big toe’ just before pulling the trigger became a ritual. In 2005, he retired from the syndicate to pursue his true passion, music. He now sings lead and backup vocals for his hugely successful rock band, Kiddo’s Black Mamba. …

Head over to to download this lethal leechoso and others designed by BKD, Horrorwood and Sal Azad.

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