Sunday, May 9, 2010


My friend and fellow paper toy artist, Nick Knite just released the second series of his MechaBunny paper toy platform, the Mecha6.

Series two features customs from artists Sal Azad, Olla Boku, Greg Madden, Scott Shaller, VinsArt and me. Head over to Nick's site,, to download the Mecha6 and be sure to check out series one as well! Thanks Nick!

The Making of.... the MechaBunny Custom

When Nick released the first series of Mecha6, I was stoked. What a great platform toy. I knew right away that I wanted to do a custom and when I got the template from Nick, I knew I'd be designing a robot. Something along the lines of the 80's cartoon Voltron. I started off by building the blank model. Once I had the pieces assembled, I could see the shapes and the potential they had to transform into something else.

I started to sketch....

But the idea looked cooler in my head, not so cool on paper. Change of plans. Then this...

This quick sketch on the template was the spark I needed. From this idea, I went into Illustrator and began designing, free forming shapes from lines and angles. After a preliminary build and some adjustments, a new custom was born.

I like the way he turned out and I'm happy that Nick liked him as well.

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